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Secure Computing On A STick

What is COAST?.

PRIVACY – “Being private and undisturbed. Freedom from intrusion or public attention.”

In a world where even the smallest online action can be monitored by ISPs, search engines, hackers and surveillance agencies, privacy has never been more important to computer users.

COAST – the computer on a stick – has been created with that need it mind.
Simply plug the device into a compatible Windows PC to keep private…
  • who you are
  • where you are
  • and what you do online!
Put simply, COAST lets you wave goodbye to prying eyes and flapping ears.

And because its no-trace technology leaves no imprint on the host PC’s hard drive, it’s as if your online session never happened at all!

COAST: Protecting Your Privacy:

If someone was to read your letters, scrutinise your bank accounts, follow you to the shops, copy your photo-albums and even rifle through your rubbish, you would rightly be appalled. It would be a gross breach of your privacy and an unwarranted intrusion into your personal life. But that’s exactly what’s happening on the web today. Every online transaction – however small – can be monitored, captured, stored and analysed by anonymous third parties. It’s like having a voyeur peeking through your bedroom windows. But now, thanks to COAST, you can draw the curtains on their curiosity!

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