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Secure Computing On A STick


Technical Details

COAST doesn’t compromise on confidentiality… or on quality! Built around the Linux Ubuntu OS, key features include:

The USB Stick…

16GB (10GB free space for storing encrypted user data)
USB 3.0

The Software…

Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10
(Mac compatible version currently under development!)
COAST Installer:
COAST Windows configuration tool. Enables user to boot from the USB stick without modifying the BIOS. Includes auto un-install feature leaving no trace on hard drive.
COAST Security:
The COAST stick activation process creates an encrypted user account and configures the included open source applications with best practice security settings. As part of this process, personalised accounts are automatically created for the COAST VPN, email and VOIP services.
Video Calls:
OpenVPN secured with 256 bit AES encryption
End-to-end encryption secured with GnuPG 256 bit encrypted keys
Jabber/XMPP secured with real-time ZRTP encryption
Secured with ‘Off-The-Record’ 256 bit AES encryption
Operating System:
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (open source – unmodified)
Included Open Source Apps:
Firefox – web browser
Thunderbird – email client
Jitsi – encrypted voice and video calls and text messaging
Pidgin – text messaging
Libre Office – complete office suite (Microsoft compatible)
gThumb – photo editing
Nightingale – music player
VLC – video player

The Services…

COAST OpenVPN server. Secures internet traffic between the stick and the VPN server with 256 bit AES encryption
COAST Email server with automatic account generation for new users e.g. user@securecoast.net
Jabber / XMPP
COAST Jabber / XMPP server providing secure video and voice calls and messaging.
COAST update service regularly applies security updates and maintains the included applications, keeping the system secure.
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