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Secure Computing On A STick

Corporate Use.

COAST: Cutting Out Corporate Confusion…

Whilst the internet (and company-wide intranets) have revolutionised the world of corporate communications, the advances made have caused unforeseen problems in the workplace. Put simply, many organisations have confusing (and costly) policies concerning personal use of company PCs or laptops.

Strict bans are difficult to police and can frequently cause employee resentment.

Open access agreements increase the risk of firewall breaches and security leaks.

Whilst the third way – of turning a blind eye to occasional use – creates uncertain terrain for employee and employer alike.

And whichever approach is advocated, it usually proves costly!

IT departments are either tied up tracking employees’ personal use of PCs and laptops. Or they’re trying to declutter the company servers and remove any viruses that may have crept in. In either instance, it sucks in time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

COAST provides a clear cut-off point between personal use and corporate use of a company’s computing equipment.

  • Creates a designated dividing line. Once plugged in, employees have a self-contained ‘space’ with private online
    access and built-in office suite.
  • Leaves no trace on the host computer’s hard drive.
  • Lock-down functionality prevents the import of viruses.
  • Improves time management practices. No confusion between corporate tasks and personal interests.

Whether on the road, at home in the evening, or at a desk during lunch-break, COAST provides a low-cost solution for companies coming to terms with the impact of the internet on their working practices.


COAST also provides extra security when working on highly confidential assignments. Equipping project teams with the sticks allows them to create unique identities and share data within a ring-fenced circle of contacts. If you’re not on the COAST, you’re not in the room…

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