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Secure Computing On A STick

Shhh – want to know a secret?

COAST provides a new level of plug-in privacy for PC users who are tired of their online lives being an open book to cyber criminals, ISPs and other prying eyes.

With COAST you can connect securely to the internet and surf the web in complete privacy whilst keeping your online activity hidden from your ISP (and anyone else that may care to take an interest…). COAST keeps your web searches and browsing history truly private and you can download files and documents without leaving any trace on the host computer.

Communicate safely and securely with friends, family and work colleagues with COAST’s encrypted email, video calls and messaging with no fear of any snooping.

Store your private files in confidence knowing that they are protected with the highest levels of password protected encryption.

With it’s built-in security, COAST truly provides the most confidential computing experience around in an easy to use, highly portable package. Take your privacy with you, wherever you go!

Triple-Lock Protection

No-Trace Technology

COAST borrows the functionality of the host computer but leaves no traces on the hard drive.


Our Virtual Private Network shields all of your online activity from prying eyes.

Advanced Encryption

Your emails, video calls and files are all protected with the highest levels of encryption.

“Bold steps are needed now to protect our fundamental rights to privacy and freedom of opinion and association online.”
Sir Tim Berners Lee.
“Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.”
Article 8 of the Human Rights Act
Take control of your online privacy with the secure, easy to use COAST system.
We take your online privacy seriously because we know you do too!
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